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The OBIS Background History Questionnaire (OBIS-BHQ) was designed to improve the quality, integrity, and speed of the background investigation process when hiring new police officers or other public safety personnel.

Quality: The OBIS-BHQ was designed using the best available research on predictors of job performance, integrity violations, early termination, and disciplinary actions. Meta-analytic studies have consistently shown that biographical data are the best predictor of future job performance. Now, background investigators can obtain critical information on known predictors of future performance.

Integrity: Working closely with background investigators, polygraph examiners and police psychologists, we have found that candidates will frequently hide their problems during the hiring process. They do this through a variety of methods including minimization to making outright omissions. Asking the right questions is where an effective background investigation starts. The OBIS-BHQ asks candidates high quality, narrow and specific questions, and then documents their answers, in their own words, for later follow-up background investigators.

The internet based OBIS-BHQ makes sharing information among key recruitment team members easier and faster. By comparing candidates' answers to background investigators, polygraph examiners, and police psychologists, for consistency, investigators have an improved chance of detecting deception.

Speed: Giving the OBIS-BHQ early in the hiring process improves the speed and efficiency with which background investigations can be completed. Investigators can hone in on problem areas rather than spend their time simply collecting background information.

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