OBIS- Online Background Information System Client Login 

 How It Works for Background Investigators

Step 1 - Sign-up

Before you can start using the OBIS system you need to sign-up for an account. You can do this by contacting us here or calling us at 585-424-5680 (9AM - 5PM Eastern time).

Step 2 - Purchase BHQ administrations

The free trial comes with 10 free BHQ administrations so you do not need to purchase anything right away. However, if you decide to continue using OBIS, you can purchase additional BHQ administrations via PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to purchase BHQ administrations, you can use a check or credit card; just click on the Purchase BHQ’s link in the Administration Menu and follow the PayPal instructions.

Step 3 - Testing an applicant

When you have an applicant you want to test, you need to create a group name and password for that candidate. A group can consist of one or many candidates. Once you have the Group Name and Password, you provide that information to the candidate via email or telephone along with the candidate login URL. The candidate then logs into the site and takes the BHQ from home.

Step 4 - Downloading the Background History Report

As soon as the candidate completes the BHQ, an email is sent to you informing you that his/her BHQ Report is ready to download. You can then go to your OBIS Control Panel and download the report in PDF format. You can also have other members of the recruitment team, e.g., background investigators, download copies of the report using their own username and password.


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