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A good background history is a vital part of every psychological evaluation. Now, psychologists can get the results of a comprehensive background examination before meeting candidates in order to focus more deeply on problem areas.

  • Increased Efficiency
    • Candidates complete the BHQ before coming into the office
    • The Background History Report is available to review before interviewing the candidate
    • Allows for targeted interviews on identified problem areas
  • Increased Effectiveness
    • Background data has been shown to be the best predictors of future job performance.
    • All critical areas of functioning are assessed
  • Improved Deception Detection
    • Questions are asked individually and candidates cannot change previous answers to correspond to later answers
    • After the questionnaire is completed, candidates review answers; any changes are recorded and initial answers are saved for review
    • Sharing of information with background investigators through a secure website allows for cross checking of information
    • Candidates responses from previous administrations can be compared with current administrations
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